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...hails from upstate New York.
She has many excellent skills, aptitudes
and interests, and a twenty year
base of experience as a sculptor.
Her work evokes tears and laughter,
sometimes both simultaneously.

Jessica is the granddaughter of
Percy Wise Clarkson who in the thirties
moved to Laguna Beach, California
and built the St. Francis by the Sea
Catholic Church from tiles taken from the ruins
left by the Long Beach earthquake of 1933.

Jessica felt an affinity for the scenic
community where she had lived part of
her childhood and returned there to
live in 2000. Her spirituality is part
and parcel of her art, reflected in some
way in nearly everything she does.



Rev. Percy Wise Clarkson

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Drawing of one of the rafters of St. Francis by the Sea, originally painted
by Percy Wise Clarkson

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