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follow your art


There is an artist in everyone of us. It is that part of you that
expresses YOU. It can be as simple as the way you write your name.
or hold your spoon. The more focus we put on what we express and how we
express it,the more skilled we can become as artists, and the more
control we gain over the impact it can have on others.

My mission as an artist of small sculpture and figurines
is to grow in creativity and spirit, and to add to the joy in the world.
I point out to the viewer his or her own humanity, beauty or humor.
To me, being an artist is a way to give my love to the world and a way to
unify others. My artworks are often given as gifts. The images I create
become a vehicle for not only my own voice, but also for the love
and light in others.

I have been sculpting for over twenty years.
I have worked and sold my works through some of the biggest names
in the figurine industry. The Rawcliffe Corp., The Danbury and
Providence Mints and Paramount Studios have been among my clients.
Yet I feel that as an artist I have just begun.
The possibilities for small sculpture and figurines are as
vast and infinite as time itself.

I sculpt best when I can give myself totally to my sculpting and
when I love what I am sculpting. My sculpts are often my alter ego.

That is why I say:

"Follow your art"